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how to obtain a restraining order in new jersey

by:Newland     2019-10-13
In 1982, the state adopted the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act aimed at protecting victims of domestic violence.
It includes a clause that allows victims to obtain a restraining order restricting the alleged offender\'s contact with the victim.
The law was expanded in 1991 to cover more types of relationships and more potential crimes.
On 2014, the New Jersey court issued more than 26,000 temporary restraining orders.
Although the provisions of each case are different, the following are some basic facts about obtaining a restraining order in New Jersey.
According to the Domestic Violence Act, victims of domestic violence committed by spouses, former spouses, current or former family members may receive a restraining order with those they have had or are expecting their children, or someone who has an appointment with them.
A restraining order is available to only adults or minors.
According to the law, there are 14 criminal offences that meet the grounds for obtaining a restraining order, including attacks, terrorist threats, kidnapping, criminal restrictions, false imprisonment, sexual assault, lewdness, illegal intrusion, harassment or follow-up
The New Jersey police website outlines the eligibility requirements for the process SA restriction order. Plaintiffs wishing to obtain a restraining order should contact the family court of their county High Court from 8: 30 Monday to Fridaym. to 3:30 p. m.
After 3: 30 on weekends, holidays and working days. m.
When the Superior Court is closed, the plaintiff may file a complaint with the local police station.
The Administrative Office of the New Jersey court Family Practice Division published a guide online detailing the procedure for obtaining a restraining order in New Jersey. Residents can call the statewide domestic violence hotline 1-800-572-SAFE (1-800-572-7233)
Issues concerning the restriction of order procedures and other resources for victims of domestic violence.
For residents seeking legal advice, the Administrative Office of the court recommends contacting the bar association of your county to recommend the service.
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