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How to measure the performance of ndfeb magnet manufacturer _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
A finished product whether it conforms to produce ndfeb strong magnet, generally in ndfeb strong magnet manufacturer that has its own strict scale, each approved measure of ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers may differ, but plus ca change, determine the function of magnetic ndfeb strong magnet quality in the industry of ndfeb strong magnet produces three hard scale, namely the remanence Br, coercive force Hc and magnetic energy product Bhmax, let's look at in detail what it represents of the scale of the three methods.   The first is the coercive force Hc scales, it refers to put the magnet products to one and itself is contrary to the premise of magnetic field, when the reverse effect of the magnetic field strength increases to a certain extent, the original product itself ndfeb strong magnet magnetic disappeared. Ndfeb strong magnet products resistance to reverse the size of the magnetic field force, is the ndfeb strong magnet coercive force Hc, it is the unit of oersteds, represents the size of the ndfeb strong magnet demagnetization resistance itself, in the process of ndfeb strong magnet manufacturer to produce this very seriously, it also represents the life of the product. Now, in general, the produce of the process can produce precise control of all kinds of ndfeb strong magnet at the specified remanence Br value, when buy the user can directly by detecting instrument to test the product.       The second dimension is the magnetic energy product BHmax, it represents the ndfeb strong magnet in the designated unit volume of the product will have a magnetic, is a measure of ndfeb strong magnet magnetic ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers function is an important measure, represents how much the magnetic machine capability of saving by the product itself.   。   Third remanence Br, it refers to the ndfeb strong magnet products after saturation state down in addition to its own magnetic field, how much is the rest of the magnetic flux density, it is the unit of gauss, refers to the ndfeb strong magnet to the outside world in the process of using the magnetic field strength size, different kinds of ndfeb strong magnet remanence Br is not the same.
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