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How to measure the magnetic level?

by:Newland     2020-04-10
How to buy a powerful magnet we can measure the magnetic level? Tell you 12 years magnet professionals, judge of the performance of the magnet there are three main parameters: 1, remanence Br ( 剩余感应) Gauss, units, and removed from saturated magnetic field, after the rest of the magnetic flux density, on behalf of the foreign can provide the magnet magnetic field strength; 2, the coercive force Hc ( 矫顽力) Oersteds, unit, is to put the magnets in a reverse adscititious magnetic field, when applied magnetic field increases to a certain intensity magnet magnetic disappears, the resistance and the ability of the magnetic field is called the coercive force, represents a measure of resistance to demagnetization ability; Gauss - 3, magnetic energy product BHmax, units Oersted is material produced by the magnetic energy per unit volume, how much is the magnet can store energy of a physical quantity. A: are the commonly used magnetic survey instrument? Next article: use the magnet 5 pay attention to the problem
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