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How to make the magnet magnetic keep for a long time? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
How to make the magnet magnetic keep for a long time? The magnet is called a magnet for again, it is material and own existence of magnetic field around the object, there are two categories, natural and man-made. Artificial magnet is usually made of metal alloy, has the strong magnetism. Ferromagnetism, refers to a kind of material of magnetic state, has the spontaneous magnetization phenomenon. Some of the material under the action of an external magnetic field, after magnetization, even if the external magnetic field disappeared, still can maintain its state of the magnetization and magnetic, which is spontaneous magnetization. All of the permanent magnet with a magnet or the magnet. Magnet is made of steel or alloy, artifical magnets made by artificial magnetization, if stored properly, can long-term stay magnetic. Remind you to weaken the magnet magnetic, must pay attention to the following aspects: 1, never in strong currents around the magnet; 2, magnets can't put it on the fire roast, via high temperature; 3, the magnet is not by tapping and severe vibration; 4, small magnet cannot be put together with the big magnet; 5, horseshoe magnet should also be in polar and add a piece of soft iron makes the poles together, and the adjacent magnetic north and south poles of the horse.
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