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How to let the ndfeb magnet demagnetization? How long will demagnetize powerful magnets? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers website, specialized wholesale magnetic material production, to provide you with a variety of magnet question solution, provide the magnet products of news, magnets, magnet quotation. Ndfeb application widely, always meet all kinds of problems, such as ndfeb magnet demagnetization? How to make a powerful magnet demagnetization method short? Ndfeb magnet can also after the working temperature or Curie temperature demagnetization magnetization? Ndfeb strong magnet demagnetization method have? 1, communicate magnet demagnetization method: this place ndfeb magnet demagnetization way is able to produce the ac magnetic field in space, after ac magnetic field, the magnet internal structure will be upset, which can achieve the effect of demagnetization, this method is more common demagnetization method. 2. High temperature demagnetization method: high temperature demagnetization method mainly is put into operation in the high temperature furnace for heating, after high temperature treatment will be powerful magnet magnetic eliminate, but in the process of heating for the effect of high temperature will directly result in magnets inside the change of the structure of the object changes, so use this demagnetization method generally used for scrap and recycling of the magnet. 3. Vibration demagnetization method: this method is simple operation is the strong ndfeb magnet strength intense shaking, again after the operation of the vibration of magnet inner structure has changed, so as to change the physical magnets, in general, by adopting the method of this kind of demagnetization effect is not big, can only be away a small amount of magnetism. How to make a powerful magnet demagnetization method short? 1, magnetic materials have a & other; Critical temperature & throughout; Magnetic can disappear when the tipping point, below this temperature magnetic can be recovered; But too high temperature can make the magnet magnetic disappear forever. 2, machinery processing industry used in the magnetic table, let magnetic poles could be disappear don't attract with soft iron ( Strong permeability performance) “ Short circuit & throughout; And go around the magnet magnetic field only through soft iron, foreign just show the magnetic disappeared; Will short circuit of soft iron, magnet and show the magnetic abroad. Ndfeb magnet can also after the working temperature or Curie temperature demagnetization magnetization? 1. More than working temperature can be cooled and there will be a small amount of magnetic loss ( According to the number N M SH EH UH AH TH is 80 - 100 - 120 - - - - - - - 150 - 180 - 200 - Several working temperature 250) 2. But more than Curie temperature of 312 degrees, if more than Curie temperature, can't the magnetization in use.
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