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How to judge by the quality of sintered ndfeb magnet

by:Newland     2020-03-16
Sintered ndfeb magnet, as a kind of permanent magnets, because of its cost-effective, widely quoted many areas, such as computer hard drives, magnetic resonance imaging permanent magnet motor, electric cars, wind power generation, industry, consumer electronics, CD, DVD, mobile phones, audio, duplicator, scanners, cameras, camera, fridge, TV, air conditioning, etc. ) And the magnetic force, magnetic levitation, magnetic mechanical transmission, and other industries. Sintered ndfeb magnets in today's society, bear the promoting the advancement of modern technology and the social role of one of the important material. Since the 1985 global industrialization, the world greatly increased demand for use of permanent magnets, and permanent magnet industry is booming. With the development of the global market, the magnet manufacturers also increased, and from the customer into consideration, how to judge the merits of the sintered ndfeb magnet? Here small make up like introduce three methods. Judgment method one: starting from the properties of magnets to consider how to guarantee the performance of the sintered ndfeb magnet magnetic from the production process, the enterprise manufacturing requirements of raw materials, production process and magnetic field orientation control. According to the regulations of the national standard of raw material composition to the choose and buy the raw material, according to the enterprise manufacturing high-grade or middle-grade or low-grade sintered ndfeb requirements. Sintered ndfeb magnet production technology advanced decision magnet performance and quality. The most advanced technology to the magnet performance is quite high. Judgment method 2: considering from the direction of magnetic field orientation of the magnet in the magnetic field orientation, our country is the only country adopts two-step forming technology in the world. Orientation with a small vertical moulding pressure, finally USES the isostatic pressing molding, this is one of the most important characteristics of sintered ndfeb industry in China, this is our Chinese technology to be proud of. Judgment method three: from the production process of observation in the process of production, monitoring is also very important. Can by SC chip thickness measurement and detection way JM powder particle size distribution of controls. The high quality product is depends on the production process control, but the customer will be confused, how to determine the performance of the product I bought? We can use some measuring instrument to measure, to the customer to see the product is to fulfill the requirements of national standards. Customers can also according to the magnet parameter Br ( Remanence) 、Hcb( Coercive force) 、Hcj( Intrinsic coercive force) 、( BH) max( The maximum magnetic energy product) Selected you need ndfeb brand, choose according to need to meet the requirements of their products. Secondly, the quality of sintered ndfeb magnets can be decided according to the magnet size, the shape of the ndfeb is according to its different applications and different shapes, the production process is also through many steps, generally speaking, smooth surface, good quality of sintered ndfeb magnet will reach a certain precision. So whether a qualified sintered ndfeb magnet, not only need to meet performance requirements, the dimensional tolerance control also directly affects its application. And the size of the security directly depends on the processing power of the factory. Magnet quality related articles; Magnet manufacturers how to test the performance of ndfeb magnet with the quality?
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