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How to increase the strong magnetic magnet

by:Newland     2020-04-09
Although strong magnet magnetic force is very strong, but for some special product you want to get to the higher magnetic intensity, can through what way to make stronger magnetic force? Magnetic technology as 12 years specialized in the production of magnet, generally from the following several aspects to suggest the customer to increase the strong magnetic magnetic. 1. From the strong magnet size to change, increase the loading area or thickness of magnet, or change the size of the magnet to 2. Start from the material of strong magnetic magnet, 3 with higher grade material. From the back of the bearing surface strong magnets and iron, iron shell and other iron products 4. From plane magnetization into single-stage magnetization above is change the size of the magnetic multipole several somewhat conventional scheme, specific use which kinds of scheme according to the actual situation to decide. The previous: ndfeb magnets that can suck up the gold and silver next article: magnet store matters needing attention
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