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How to increase the magnet magnetic force?

by:Newland     2020-04-11
A magnet we can increase the magnetic force? Or you can through what way to increase the magnet magnetic? Many customers will be asked this question, the magnet company as a company specializing in the production of magnet 13 years of talk about this problem. First of all, if do not change the magnet size to increase the magnet magnetic force, first consider the issues of the material of the magnet. Strong magnet material has high performance and comparing the conventional properties, such as N35, if use N35 material in before, you can use N48, N50 high grade material to increase the magnetic magnet, for a small square, round piece of magnet and way is to increase the polarity of the magnet magnetization, namely planar multipolar here how to design because it's complicated, no special instructions, can contact if you have this aspect of the magnet. Another way is if you can change the size of the magnet, then increase the size of the magnet can also increase the magnet magnetic force, which direction, of course, is to add the size of the magnetic force will change significantly, according to the specific size of the magnet is needed to measure. Above is our several methods to increase the magnet magnetic, if you have questions, welcome to contact us. The previous: city magnetic technology co. , LTD is specialized in the strong magnet manufacturers next article: why strong magnets rust spots and avoid method
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