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How to identify quality of ndfeb magnet?

by:Newland     2020-05-02
Permanent magnet, ndfeb magnet as promoting the advancement of modern technology and society is one of the important material, also used in some special cases: phosphide in ndfeb magnet products because turnover, save the time is too long and not clear the surface of the follow-up processing method, using the phosphating is simple; When the magnet need epoxy adhesive, paint, etc. , glue, paint and epoxy organic binder force need matrix has good invasion performance. Phosphating process can improve the invasion ability on the surface of the magnet. Electrophoretic coating has become one of the widely used anti-corrosion surface treatment technology. Because it not only with binding force is good, the surface of porous magnet and salt fog resistance, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion, and excellent anticorrosive property. But compared with the spray coating the wet and heat resistance is poor. Whether a qualified magnet, not only need performance, dimensional tolerance control directly affects its application. And the size of the security directly depend on the processing power of the factory, processing equipment as the economy and the market demand is constantly updated, the trend of more efficient equipment and industrial automation, is not only meet customers' growing demand for the product accuracy, but also save manpower and cost, make it more have market competitiveness.
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