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How to guarantee the quality of samarium cobalt magnet

by:Newland     2020-05-02
Samarium cobalt magnet product is processed by processing factory production, but samarium cobalt magnet manufacturers, said that in the process of acceptance, the customer checks on the quality of samarium cobalt magnet products in accordance with the requirements, it also plays a supervisory role. Only mutual communication and coordination, can let the samarium cobalt magnet better quality assurance. Samarium cobalt magnet quality is check by both parties. Why to say so, because the customer's standard is to the power, without the supervision of the customer can't than fake and inferior products. Why so speak as above? This is from the whole process of samarium cobalt magnet production and processing is analyzed. Usually, samarium cobalt magnet before processing, more projects using specialized bolt occasions for precise measurement in the process of measuring need to use specialized equipment, otherwise produced samarium cobalt magnet can't go up in trouble. Customers to detailed communication with production and processing factories, put their own parameter requirements clear. And then samarium cobalt magnet manufacturers can according to customer requirements for production and processing. From the selection of raw materials, in the middle of each production link, until the final quality inspection, need to be carried out in accordance with the specification of standard process operation. In addition, in the process of transportation also can't ignore the protection of samarium cobalt magnet products.
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