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How to do well the quality of ndfeb magnet

by:Newland     2020-04-11
Ndfeb permanent magnets and called modern industrial monosodium glutamate, as a kind of important modern industry promote contemporary high performance magnetic materials technology field and the progress of the society, is widely applied in various fields, how to determine the most comprehensive product advantages: permanent magnet, magnetic; Second, the size of the magnet; Three, surface coating. Firstly, magnetic, decision is the key to control the production process of the magnetic properties of raw materials. 1, raw materials manufacturers, according to business requirements or middle-grade or low-grade sintered ndfeb, raw material purchase of raw materials in the proceedings of the national standard, the company sales of high-grade ndfeb only. 2, advanced production process also determines the quality of the performance of the magnet. 3, the quality control is very important in the process of production. Second, the magnet shape size and tolerance values by using various shapes of ndfeb magnets, such as round, shaped, square, tile shape, trapezoid. Different size of the material is to use different machine tool cutting crude materials for processing, advanced technology and machine operator determines the accuracy of the product. Three coating, surface coating processing surface quality coating, zinc, nickel, nickel and copper nickel plating such as copper and gold plating process. Can the plating options for products according to customer's request. Summary of product quality, a brief summary, is a fine performance, dimensional tolerance control, determine the appearance of the coating testing and evaluation. Detection of magnet flux gaussian surface, such as testing; Size tolerance, can use vernier caliper measurement accuracy; Coating, coating color and brightness and coating binding force, and through the magnets, the surface is bright and clean appearance observation, without spots, with or without edge off Angle, to assess the quality of the products. A: on February 28, the domestic rare earth market prices rise next up: the principle of magnet knowledge popularization
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