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How to do a good job in the daily maintenance of powerful magnets?

by:Newland     2020-03-09
There is no uniform and fixed shape of a strong magnet before manufacturing the magnet, and even when it becomes a magnet, it is not magnetic because the material of the magnet is not magnetic. For the shape of strong magnet, the shape of strong magnet can only be produced after Artificial synthesis. For example: Square strong magnet in strong magnet. The probability of square magnets in shape is large, and different materials have different effects on the daily maintenance of square magnets. In order to better protect the mechanical equipment of the square strong magnet and the finished product of the equal phase magnet, two points should be paid attention. 1. No matter what kind of material is made of square strong magnetic system, it is hard and has the same properties. Maybe some people don't understand, what is hard or crisp? This is very simple. If you have a square magnet around you, you can try it. Even if ordinary iron products are used to depict the surface of a square magnet, only white marks can be drawn, which has no effect on the use of the square magnet, indicating that the material of this square magnet is very hard. However, it is very brittle and everyone has to go through it. Once accidentally on the ground, the square magnet will break into several pieces. This is because the material composition of the square magnet is not only made of metal elements. Therefore, care should be taken to prevent collision, segmentation and storage or filling. 2. As we all know, most magnets are mainly composed of iron, which is easy to rust and corrode when contacting chemicals. Therefore, when maintaining strong magnets, it is a good choice to pay attention to the dryness and hygiene of the environment, prohibit contact with chemicals, or store them separately.
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