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How to distinguish the size of magnet magnetic _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
The magnet is common things in life, but you know how to distinguish between magnets with the same size? In the first approach, the two block size and specifications of the same magnet placed on a flat surface adsorption, such as patch, razor blades, iron, etc. The size of the magnetic force can feel with the hand to distinguish. It is always the right feeling. No matter what you want to do, feeling is a kind of very important. The second method USES electronic scale: magnetic weakly related to the density of a magnet, when the density is small, magnetic force is relatively small, heavy magnetic force is bigger, when light weight when magnetic force is relatively small. That is, the heavier the magnet is bigger. When measuring the magnet, should be accurate to g. The third gauss, the results of this test is more intuitive, but should pay attention to when the test is the center of the magnet to be measured, if the edge of a magnet is measured, the test center of the magnet is not accurate. Test the magnet magnetic usually use a gaussian machine to measure. Other test methods as follows: 1, the magnet flux measurement by Hertz resonance coil test. 2. Hall effect testing, the traditional detection method is reflected in the form of gauss. Its principle is traveling wave tube in the magnetic field of magnetic field under the action of hall effect. 3. The axial field description, combination is used to describe the magnetic field of magnetic field distribution; 4. Fixed suction test; 5. High resolution measurement can measure 100000th of a magnetic field changes.
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