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How to determine a powerful magnet quality stand or fall?

by:Newland     2020-04-09
About how to judge whether a powerful magnet quality, mainly from the two angles to analyze: 1. Product appearance is 2. Product performance of many users have such a doubt, a powerful magnet performance ever can refer to a standard of relevant parameters. Small make up here solemnly told everybody, in view of the strong magnet performance is not a uniform standard, because each magnet manufacturer at the time of making magnet material are different, the amount of all kinds of material are also quite different so the magnet performance is not completely the same. So powerful magnets under resolution as long as the investigation to the relevant parameters, such as: magnetic energy product, coercive force, remanence and other related performance, or use a different size of powerful magnets with gauss meter or magnetic flux table to distinguish the powerful magnet magnetic energy product has been the means of which is, in order to get a more accurate performance parameters can only use static magnetic characteristics tester at this time. Powerful magnet as part of speech of the sell like hot cakes compare the market products, the demand of the market is more and more big, the bidding is more and more big, a lot of magnet manufacturers in order to better gain a better competitive advantage in the market, by inferior raw materials to reduce costs. Principle of magnets do goods here has been using high quality raw materials to produce magnets, in order to ensure quality! So at the time of purchase order powerful magnets must know how to distinguish the powerful magnet quality, so that we can buy or do more powerful magnets. A: ndfeb magnet magnetic can maintain how long? Next: what are the magnet for?
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