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How to cut to shape ferrite? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
A, how to cutting molding ferrite? Ferrite magnet so cutting block coarse embryo cutting, the key raw material with strontium ( Sr) Ferrite ( Fe2O3) Is given priority to, forming a long time, but the density is higher, review is a piece of material on the more coarse embryos is better, but because of the machine itself the pressure limit and yield of ascension, for L220xW150x25 contrast bulk raw material specifications. 4mmT。 Ferrite permanent magnet itself can only be processed on its outer diameter and thickness, but not break up, such as segmentation will change its original function, there will be a weak magnetic phenomenon, outer diameter and thickness for processing for grinding processing, processing after appearance will change, but will not change in the form of the original. Second, ferrite magnet controlled cutting small size can be processed into? Along with the cutting strength of ascension, the ferrite cutting magnets can cut on the control of the small size of L2xW2x0. 8 MMT, can according to the customer designated size cutting manufacturing; Three, ferrite cutting magnet is what form? Ferrite magnet key to cutting square shape, round shape, cylindrical magnet and electromagnetic coil use of arch is given priority to, also adopt sample acquisition and customized special specifications. Four, cutting ferrite manufacturing process is what? Coarse embryos block material & gt;> Heating & gt;> Stick & gt;> Cutting & gt;> Surface grinding & gt;> Wash & gt;> The magnetization & gt;> Testing & gt;> Packaging & gt;> The shipment. Five, key cutting ferrite magnets used in what respect? Mainly used for magnetic door alarm, feeling element, magnetic suction seat, door stop, auto components, DIY components, magnetic therapy, magnetic devices, magnetic chip after and etc.
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