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How to choose the suitable magnet? ( Price, magnetic force, high temperature resistant) Analysis of _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
How to choose the suitable magnet? We will from the price, the magnetic force, high temperature resistant three aspects to analyze, ferrite, samarium cobalt, alnico, ndfeb the four magnets. Price first ferrite magnet is the cheapest and the production amount of it is the biggest of all. Second ndfeb because the price is appropriate, though the amount without ferrite is big, but the highest output. Third, aluminum nickel and cobalt, it more use in military products provide ndfeb, samarium cobalt magnet first fourth of the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet products, one of the strongest magnetic magnet, outsiders called strong magnetic, strong magnet. The maximum magnetic energy product 52. The second third samarium cobalt, aluminum nickel and cobalt ferrite heat-resistant fourth first aluminum nickel and cobalt, it can work under 500 ℃ temperature. It is one of the most high temperature resistance. The second samarium cobalt 250 ℃ - The working temperature of 350 ℃ and select it is an ideal choice, the maximum magnetic energy product in 20 - 32. The third ferrite fourth ndfeb 80 ℃ - The working temperature of 230 ℃, its strongest magnetic force, the price is more appropriate. I believe you already know how to choose the suitable magnet, if you have other questions can contact us.
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