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How to choose ndfeb and ferrite magnet

by:Newland     2020-04-27
This debate will undoubtedly continue. Both technologies have their own advantages, but there is no doubt that the bottom line of price cost for people will determine the course of the form. At this time, cost and performance is more welcome than determines the design of ferrite. But we've made many times related to witness, understand this is not a normal, it is likely to change easily and quickly. In fact, ferrite and summary of controversy is simple. “ Major point of profit, as you know, from the price, while the main advantage from weight, & throughout; The Beyma Paloma Martinez said. “ Another issue to note is electromagnetic properties of neodymium in high temperature condition, and the new material itself has lower Curie temperature. And through the use of new technology, we can handle this kind of problem. Summary of price fluctuations caused the recent speakers frequently USES ferrite unit design, but we are against the costs of different magnetic materials to discuss what should choose who? That is to say, the price is not stable and people for this kind of rare metal supply panic led to many speaker manufacturers began very seriously consider the use of this metal. “ Although recently the price of neodymium is relatively stable, and a certain degree of fall, but manufacturers are reluctant to put new speaker neodymium metal products, because the price floating is too big, & throughout; Neil from Fane Barnes commented. “ Once a speaker is placed into a box body, so throughout the product life cycle is difficult to change the unit, considering that now the price of neodymium floating so intense, it is generally choose to use the new material in the new product. And according to the change of the design, everyone will face huge challenges, redesign and calibration body, to adapt to the heavier more ferrite units. ” Ferrite magnet price has been stable, or even can be unpredictable, it is a great for speaker manufacturers. “ Low cost is an important factor of some kind of metal is widely applied in the speaker industry, & throughout; ‘ From P Audio Howard Chen said. “ Neodymium magnets used to be a good choice, it is relatively light quality conditions provided the perfect response characteristics, that is to say, it's cost/quality is very good. The instability of the recent supply of neodymium magnets causes costs rise, for the majority of customers, they are faced with unacceptable quality/performance ratio. www。 yirongciye。 com
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