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How to choose and ndfeb magnet?

by:Newland     2020-04-09
Magnet is widely used in our daily life, the ndfeb magnet is almost involved in all walks of life, like some high-end has the high-end motors such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) wind power generator, low-end sound, mahjong door magnetic, magnetic and so on. So ndfeb strong magnet when the choose and buy, how to determine a powerful magnet quality stand or fall? This is a lot of new people often encounter a problem, what the magnet is good magnet? Magnet manufacturer to teach you how to choose and buy ndfeb magnets today? One, the requirement of the magnet magnetic, temperature requirements? Second, first of all you have to know how is your magnet in the working environment? Third, there is the external environment how to choose the magnet need plating. Magnetic options can according to you of the specifications of the size to choose the brand, is a specific temperature, 80 degrees, choose N series, more than 80 H series, resistant to 120 degrees; SH series, resistant to 150 degrees; UH, resistant to 180 degrees; And over 200 degrees of EH with AH, to choose from. Plating nickel plating are so common and galvanized, demanding can be coated with epoxy, of course, can also be other plating coating according to the requirement, such as gold plating can be the last: why are powerful magnet demagnetization? Next: how powerful magnet magnetization?
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