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How to choose and buy the car motor magnetic tile with good quality?

by:Newland     2020-03-13
Starting from dongguan, a lot of people are talking about one thing is sharing the bike. It is not strange for Chinese people, but in dongguan and sharing a car might be a lot of places are strange, is the share of electric car. Electric car share is a kind of new energy vehicles, driving by charging, general speed can reach 80 km. In the process of sharing electric car production, car engine is the 'heart'. If heart is not good, the car can't run for a few days! If want to produce good engine, you must choose and buy high quality automobile motor magnetic tile. Here we must first understand some concepts, the first motor magnetic tile is what? The influence factors of the second motor magnetic tile? Actually magnetic tile also is a kind of permanent magnets, because the shape is tile shape, mainly used in permanent magnet motor, so the electric magnetic tile is a magnet. Permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnetic material to produce a constant source of magnetic potential, the use of this machine of simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable, small volume, light weight, small energy consumption. How to choose and buy the car motor magnetic tile with good quality? The performance of the motor magnetic tile, the better, the performance of the motor, the better. Residual magnetic induction intensity and magnetic coercive force, the intrinsic coercive force, magnetic energy product each performance is higher, the higher the most. Magnetic energy is bigger, the better, this will greatly improve the work efficiency of the machine. If the Shared use good quality car motor magnetic tile, the service life of the car can be increased greatly. Articles by the specialty is engaged in the motor motor magnets, sensor magnets, robot Ricky magnet magnetic card issued by the manufacturer 2017/3/10 day. Related products: motor tiles magnet ferrite tile type magnetic ndfeb strong magnetic tile
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