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How to avoid the high temperature lead to the condition of the magnet demagnetization

by:Newland     2020-04-28
Magnets should pass when we do the injection, we should pay attention to what issues? We all know, the process of injection molding is a very high temperature, the temperature throughout more than more than one hundred degrees. So we magnet should pass plastic injection molding, we magnet manufacturers will be how to avoid the high temperature lead to the condition of the magnet demagnetization? Let's magnet manufacturer to describe below. Magnet manufacturer a magnet under the condition of heat resistance is more than 80 degrees to 100 degrees this range, has an individual customers will require increased temperature to 150 degrees, 150 degrees this about our professional magnet manufacturer, to the magnet high function of data, data will have its is much higher than ordinary trademark information functions. Let's magnet factory experience, summed up in the general customers to use the high temperature of the magnet, because the magnet after high temperature may be used in high temperature environment. Let's when customer use the condition of the magnet, can give customers some corresponding solutions. If clients are to the intervention after injection molding magnets, we are not advocating customer use high temperature data, considering the capital together. Also consider the general information for the customer can be satisfied the customer demand in injection after using, after in many aspects to consider some practical solutions to customers, so let's magnet after injection, the professional manufacturer of magnet, we generally do not introduce customers use high functional data. But using the general function of information.
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