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How to avoid damage to the permanent magnet motor magnetic steel?

by:Newland     2020-03-16
How to avoid damage to the permanent magnet motor magnetic steel? This is a lot of a motor manufacturer is concerned, the following card Ricky magnetic steel processing factory are briefly introduced. High speed permanent magnet synchronous motor magnetic steel assembly method, including the following steps: through without weft zone will play hoop fixed to the rotor shaft magnetic steel yoke, axial line by magnetic steel stated on the yoke ring arrangement, and even set up multiple in every circle magnetic steel wedge, by fixing the magnet steel; With no weft heat baking, make its curing, baking temperature does not exceed 150 ℃; At the end of the first lap and circle magnetic steel lateral installation plate respectively. The invention through without weft zone will be set on the yoke magnetic hoops, and through to the baking curing weft free zone, strengthening the connection between the magnets and, make loose magnets will not happen by magnetic interaction, even fall off problems, avoid the influence of the motor performance, and damage happens. For fractional slot permanent magnet synchronous motor torque fluctuation, put forward a design method of magnetic steel section inclined polar Angle. First by the motor slot number and logarithmic computing each slot number per phase, according to the traditional method to calculate the number of the cogging torque, the cogging torque frequency and per pole per phase slot number number of torque ripple is calculated, then get the torque fluctuation cycle, then according to magnetic steel section for each section of the inclined Angle. It can effectively reduce the torque fluctuation of the permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the formula is simple, the method only needs and slot number of the motor according to the logarithmic, determined segmented oblique Angle. Ricky xiaofu articles by the share, the company specializing in the production of various motor motor magnets, plastic magnetic, radial multi-polar magnetic ring, if there are any samples need, welcome to contact! Card Ricky website related permanent magnet motor magnetic steel articles together; Sintered permanent magnet motor magnetic steel with the advantages and disadvantages of joining together the overall introduction of permanent magnet motor installed on the rotor permanent magnet piece after filling glue what role?
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