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How the magnet slice? Slice processing solutions for multiple magnet

by:Newland     2020-03-19
How the magnet slice? What's the meaning of this section of the magnet? Ricky magnet manufacturers came to dongguan card today and everyone introduce respectively, including a concrete process of slice processing. What is the meaning of magnet slice? 【 Ricky magnet below for card factory magnet slicer 】 Most of the magnet manufacturer blank buy back then the magnet production and processing according to customer required size, magnet slice is used in circular slice machine or multiple wire slicing machine cut large pieces of the magnet ( Strong magnetic ndfeb) Rough cut into small pieces, multi-line slicing machine function more powerful, more efficient. Alloy (lswedm) machinery, the permanent magnet can use generally used for cutting tiles, and large size products. Ferrite grinding or slicing machine can be used. What is the powerful magnet slice processing process? After holing methods such as processed blank material in the material before slicing according to certain shape, column number with 502 special glue together, so that the batch processing. Then we moved to the computer processing, wire cutting workshop section is accomplished by inside circular slice machine. The pillars of the process to the guest orders demand outside diameter cut into the thickness of the order, or square magnet to guests' needs, in accordance with the three directions of length, width and height of vector data processing, eventually cut out guests need to the size of the finished product. The above is the small make up to you to introduce about the magnet slice relevant introduction, thank you for reading. Relevant magnet processing procedure; Magnets outside circular grinding production process is introduced for the ndfeb magnet chamfering this operation?
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