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How powerful magnets together separate _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
How powerful magnets together separate, magnetic materials, not at any temperature are magnetic. Generally, magnetic material has a critical temperature Tc, above this temperature, the intense thermal motion of the atom, due to the heat of the arrangement of atomic magnetic moment is chaotic. Under this temperature, the atomic magnetic moment order, produce spontaneous magnetization, become ferromagnetic objects. Using this feature, people developed a lot of control components. We use electric rice cooker, for example, using the characteristics of the magnetic material of the Curie point. Central in the bottom of the rice cooker with a magnet and a Curie temperature is 105 degrees of magnetic materials. When the pot of water dry food's temperature to rise from 100 degrees. When the temperature reaches about 105 degrees, because the magnet to absorb the magnetic materials magnetic disappear, the magnet will lose suction in it, then spring between magnets and magnetic materials will take them apart, drive the power switch is disconnected at the same time, stop heating. Curie temperature refers to the material can change of temperature between the ferromagnetic and magnet. Below the Curie temperature when the material become a ferromagnet, at this time and materials related to magnetic field is very difficult to change. When the temperature is higher than Curie temperature, the material became paramagnetic, magnets, magnetic field, it's easy to change with the change of the magnetic field around. At this time of the magnetic sensitivity of about 10 to the negative power 6. Sure enough, 80 degrees now general entrance card use strong electromagnet, if 80 is the thief just bring a pot of boiling water can, you can be heated to 200 degrees or so if not yet, do not have to heat the may cause damage or accidents to the magnet. Strong magnet to what extent, inseparable I used powerful magnets do: lateral pushing magnets, is to make the magnet stick together still, just parallel move, to move a certain distance, magnetic attraction will greatly decreases, and then put this can be separated.
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