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How powerful magnets to store anticorrosion? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-01
How powerful magnets to store anticorrosion? It is understood that the performance of the powerful magnets are far beyond the ferrite magnets, alnico, samarium cobalt magnet magnetic materials, etc. Want to know, if there is no keep powerful magnets, it's easy to occur when using corrosion situation, this will affect the powerful magnet magnetic, so as to make the use effect, very bad, and if serious may cause safety accidents, must pay attention to. To clear the development of a powerful magnet has been more than 20 years of time, however, because of its high magnetic and workability, the price is not high, so the application area to expand rapidly. At present, the commercialization of iron boron, magnetic energy product can reach 50 mgoe, 10 times that of ferrite. And, even more attention, don't in high humidity, high temperature, high acid and alkali environment application zhejiang powerful magnet, when use must table surface coating processing.
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