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How powerful magnets to steal? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
Powerful magnets, the Strong all English name. Powerful magnet, ndfeb magnet. Its magnetic can greatly surpassed, aluminum nickel and cobalt ferrite magnet, samarium cobalt magnet, ndfeb magnet suction powerful enough to adsorption is 640 times heavier than its objects, jianghu person & other; Powerful magnet & throughout; 。 Because of electricity meter, water meter is a iron pimple, listen to what people say, has been put magnet can steal meters, so a lot of people want to know is how to steal. To steal principle, magnet magnetic force is very strong, make the pointer to absorb walk, or machine failure. Other to steal method, using a 2 on the meter. Stores to the 5 square wire in the meters, don't need to buy electricity directly, direct use, but easy to seize the property. So, this strong magnetic steal method is also practical now? Now meters inside the gear materials are copper, copper gear is a wear-resistant, another important reason is to prevent the illegal ACTS of some & ndash; — To steal, most now is induction meter, a magnet for its little effect; Meters are the circuit through a series of sampling resistance ( A few milliohm) Sampling measurement of electricity, magnetic field has no effect on measuring accuracy, and to prevent the reverse power function. Water group staff, according to user's home within the water meter movement and Pointers are plastic or stainless steel, the magnet will not have a response. So, want to pass the powerful magnets to steal this road has won't work.
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