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How powerful magnet separation methods?

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Powerful magnets have magnetic after magnetization, in the next working procedure in the process of operation, may need more magnets to separate out, because of the strong magnet magnetic is very strong, want to separate from the magnet is difficult, so we can separate powerful magnets? Principle of magnets attract each other in discussing how powerful magnets to separate, we first need to know why the magnet between each other. Principle is very simple actually, there are countless closed around the magnet distribution and disjoint of magnetic induction lines, which is the magnetic field, magnets for into a function of the object is produces the magnetic field is the magnetic force, magnets can absorb each other the main reason is that the direction of the magnetic induction line produced different suction, the same, the principle of opposites attract is the result of a magnetic induction line in a different direction. What are the typical features of a powerful magnet? How powerful magnets separated? 1. Powerful magnet stick to each other can be used in a rough way will the magnet broke off, as long as there is enough energy to separate, but in separate powerful magnets must always be careful when, because the magnet will adsorption together, may be task of fingers. 2. To adsorption on the magnet materials can have the effect of magnetic field partition, and the more thick material, the effect of the magnetic separation, the better, which can be separated from the role of a powerful magnet. In daily life, the magnet placed should be far from easy to be magnetized items, such as watches, computer monitors, credit CARDS, mobile phone, floppy disks, medical apparatus and instruments, etc. The magnet should be far away from the cardiac pacemaker. Larger size magnets, each piece should be added between the plastic or cardboard gasket in place to ensure that can easily separate magnet. The magnet should be stored in a dry, constant temperature environment. A: using ndfeb magnet what problem should note? Ndfeb magnet is harmful to human body? Next: what are the classification of magnet?
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