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How powerful magnet magnetization?

by:Newland     2020-04-09
Currently on the market a strong magnet is in the process of production does not have magnetic, also does not have the magnets repel each other mutual attraction features, powerful magnets only after the magnetization process can have magnetic, so how to the magnetization of the powerful magnets. Powerful magnet magnetization method, at present there are two ways that are widely used in the magnetization process to report way, method one: the magnetization, pulse current method 2: dc magnetization, these two approaches is currently on the market is the mainstream of magnetization. Way 1: magnetization, pulse current on a powerful magnet magnetization magnetization device need pulse current, his main composition is of pulse magnetization coil and plant, its magnetic field intensity is high, at work very strong impact current through the magnetization coil, in strong magnetic field makes the magnetization coil in the magnetic moment of magnetization. Way 2: dc magnetization method on powerful magnet magnetization process need to use to the electromagnet magnetizing apparatus, its structure as the chart shows, the electromagnet magnetizing apparatus at the time of magnetization coil will give into the direct current (dc), and then in the size of the gap between the two core can be operated by adjusting nut, between the charge for a strong magnet is the first thing we need with water treatment on the surface of the magnet, and then we need to put a strong magnet in the core gap of magnetizing machine clamping, then pass into the direct current peak, reach 3 - charging time 4 seconds can then cut off power supply, a magnet magnet has been magnetized. In an article: how to choose and buy ndfeb magnet? Next article: ndfeb magnet magnetic can maintain how long?
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