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How powerful magnet attraction separation _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
Never use ndfeb product users, will be surprised at ndfeb magnetic strong. To separate the absorb two ndfeb magnets together is difficult. Then how do you separate ndfeb suck together? When magnet suck up the inseparable each other advice horizontal pushing stagger, must not hard pull lever. Fixed the whole bar magnets with left hand, right hand with your index finger and thumb, horizontal move out of the magnet, away don't throw away the magnet back immediately after the magnet heap, please immediately to the magnet isolation. Light to take light put, away from the iron or with magnetic things far away places, 16 cm long) Or thick paper took out the paper bag is good, so is safe. If need to put back the whole magnet inside the magnet, please slowly back, close from the edge began to move in. Hand must hold the magnet, until the magnet has moved in. When magnetic strong ndfeb product packaging, we will be in the middle of the product placement gaskets, allows the user use is very convenient.
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