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How out of suction _ with the powerful magnet ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
Powerful magnets, magnetic force powerful enough to suck up 640 times its own weight of the object, is sucked so if we are not careful, is sucked or mobile tools to do, to prevent this kind of situation, so we have to find out of magnetic force with the powerful magnet. Is a cloth? Or with boards? Let's detailed analysis. We use the same piece of powerful magnets and a piece of nylon fabric, a half centimeter piece of wood and a half centimeters of iron plate, do the experiments. Ok, process is not much said, the end result is the cloth & lt; Wood & lt; Iron plate, surprise, ha ha ~. Because the iron materials can be attracted to the magnet at the same time, also can block and change the magnetic field, so the magnetic field cannot penetrate iron and do not change! Like a magnet products export, transportation is limited by many because of magnetic, outside of the packing way is, put a layer of tin, shielding the magnetic, can transport!
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