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【 How much is a powerful magnet? 】

by:Newland     2020-05-08
【 How much is a powerful magnet? 】 A strong magnet to spend how many money? How much a ton of powerful magnets? Often see postings on the web, you can ask and answer the question, but the answer? You will find some promotion enterprise did not make active response to the problem. How the magnet price is difficult to quote? Is still something else? Ndfeb as the third generation of permanent magnet materials, has small volume, light weight, strong magnetic strengths, such as widely used in all walks of life. NdFeB magnet is by far the best price-performance magnets. So what is the price of a strong magnet? Different from other products, the price of the high strength magnets don't have a clear price tags. Many factors affect the magnet price, such as performance, required quantity, parameters, specifications, coating, maturity and raw material prices. Magnet prices soaring to ndfeb strong magnet store brings considerable impact. In NdFeB magnet prices soared at the same time, on the one hand to the NdFeB magnet manufacturers a bonanza. There are a lot of NdFeB magnet factory the differences of the materials to be rich. Prices moved to market expansion, on the other hand, inflation will inevitably present in 2012, the price back to the original starting point. What are the factors affect the price of the magnet? 1. That is to say, magnets, the original data to add, the higher requirements on the performance of the magnet, the higher capital is, such as NdFeB magnets, N45 prices are far higher than the price of N35. 2, the more complex processing, processing of capital is higher; The higher the public servants, processing capital is higher; The higher the capital, the smaller the batch processing. In recent years, the price of the magnet raw material is higher and higher. During which one reason is that national policy failed to keep up with the market development needs, make store development out of balance, and then allow for speculation speculators. In order to adjust the magnets market, countries put forward & other; The national 22 & throughout; The new policy. Local government active response and execution. Therefore, the new policy support magnet prices remain. Second, new energy, energy saving market and launch of new fuel-efficient vehicles. The invention of new energy vehicles and introduced to the automobile industry has brought the huge impact. Therefore, technological innovation and to a great extent, affects the magnet store. How to account for the price of the magnet? Because the price of raw material is shake every day, so according to the price of raw material, processing capital capital, management fees, packing, etc are summarized. Thus, there is no corresponding specifications and specific requirements, it is difficult to get the price. Strong magnets, magnets, magnet, magnet, ndfeb magnet, rare earth permanent magnets
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