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How much do you know the magnet price?

by:Newland     2020-04-09
Ndfeb as the third generation of permanent magnet materials, light weight, strong magnetic, small size and other advantages, is widely used in all walks of life. NdFeB magnet is price is the best so far function magnets. Unlike other products, a strong magnet prices don't have a clear price tag. What are the factors affect the price of powerful magnets? Magnet prices soaring to ndfeb strong magnet store brings considerable impact. In NdFeB magnet prices together, on the one hand, brought a big achievement to NdFeB magnet manufacturers. There are a lot of NdFeB magnet factory the differences of the materials to be rich. On the other hand, the price is moved to market expansion. The original data to add, that is to say, magnet to the functional requirement of the magnet is higher, the higher capital is, such as NdFeB magnets, N45 prices are far higher than the price of the N35. The higher the capital is mixed and disorderly, machining capital; The higher the public servants, processing capital is higher; The higher the capital, the smaller the batch processing. In recent years, the price of the magnet raw material is higher and higher. During which one reason is that national policy failed to keep up with the market development needs, make store development out of balance, and then allow for speculation speculators. In order to adjust the magnets market, countries put forward & quot; The national 22 & quot; The new policy. Local government active response and execution. Therefore, the new policy support magnet prices remain. Second is new energy, energy conservation and new energy cars. The creation and launch of new energy cars to the automobile industry has brought the huge impact. Therefore, technological innovation and to a great extent, affects the magnet store. The previous: powerful magnet manufacturer which good? Next: what are the magnets used?
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