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How many suction is a powerful magnet 3000 gauss? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
Most people think that the more gauss magnet magnetic force will be stronger, actually this is wrong, today small make up see source site keywords when they found that a search keyword source, ask how many suction is 3000 gauss? Below small make up according to their own experience to answer questions on the net friend. How many suction 3000 gauss magnet? And ask how much the 1000 gauss magnetic, are the same. First of all, the unit of magnetic not GS ( Gaussian) , gauss magnetic field strength is treated as a unit. So how much can't say how many gauss magnetic. Second, the magnet suction is associated with summary of performance with different size, the same specifications of the magnet, the higher the performance brand, magnetic force is stronger. There is an error, it is a lot of people will think that the larger the magnet specification table magnetic will be higher, this is not right, the higher the magnetic table shows that the greater the per unit area of the suction! Suction table magnetic * = unit per unit area. Therefore, you cannot simply think table high magnetic magnet suction must be big! So you may not understand, for example, N50 / D3 * 8 magnet suction < N35 / D10 * 3> N33 / D10 * 3. Although D3 table magnetic greater than 3 D10 * * 8. The company can through grinding, slicing, cutting, cut holes, such as punching processing method, provide all kinds of shapes of ndfeb strong magnet. If you want to make to order, please send the drawings to us, there is a problem can be directly consulting website on the right side of the online customer service!
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