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How many days square ndfeb magnet production cycle is the fastest? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
How many days square ndfeb magnet production cycle is the fastest? Magnet on the market demand magnet shape is probably the most two kinds, wafer ( Round) Magnet, the other is the square magnet, because it's a rule, the more common, so general factory can produce, the price also is ginseng to eat. Magnet is required, especially for the results to care about is just a price. In addition to the price, clinch a deal also affects the factor is the lead time of a problem, many clients often ask a question, your square magnet production fastest delivery need how long? So what square magnet production cycle need how long? Square magnet for 3 cutter to forming, are 10 - 12 days or so, if you want to catch, but in a week or so in advance. Ndfeb magnet ndfeb squares with wafer magnet which price is more expensive? For this problem, a lot of people in the industry's point of view will split, probably two viewpoints: 1. Square magnet will be relatively expensive. Because they are more expensive than the wafer magnet square magnet in the process. 2. Circular magnet of the more expensive than rectangular magnets, magnet price is generally calculate by volume. The magnetization and electroplating cost and storage loss and the cost of package mail will increase accordingly. So, in general to particular case is particular analysis on price, comprehensive factors to compare the prices. All know know some magnet magnet not got out of the processing raw material is blank, blank square magnet is square, round piece of magnet is cylindrical blank, then from the above we can see that I I use wafer slicing machine 1 cutter is formed, and there is no waste, and square magnet on the number of processing knife I want 3 knives, and waste is more. Welcome to use square square sink hole magnets, magnet, special-shaped square magnet friends to come to consult.
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