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how magnets work

by:Newland     2019-09-03
Making magnets: today\'s electronics basically require magnets to work.
This dependence on magnets is relatively new, mainly because most modern devices require magnets that are stronger than those found in nature.
Magnet, a form of magnet, is naturally the strongest --
The magnet that is happening
It can attract small objects such as paper clips and Staples.
By the 12 th century, it has been discovered that they can magnetized the iron with a magnet and make it into a compass.
Rub the magnet repeatedly along the iron needle in one direction to make the needle magnetized.
Then it will align in the north.
South when suspended.
In the end, scientist William Gilbert explained
The South alignment of the magnetic needle is due to the behavior of the Earth like a giant magnet with the North and South Poles.
The strength of the compass is not as good as many permanent magnets used today.
However, the physical process of magnetized the compass needle and the nd alloy block is basically the same.
It relies on microscopic regions known as magnetic domains, which are part of the physical structure of ferromagnetic materials such as iron, cobalt and nickel.
Each field is essentially a tiny self.
Magnet with north and south poles.
In a non-magnetized iron material, each Arctic points in a random direction.
The magnetic domains oriented in the opposite direction offset each other, so the material does not generate a net magnetic field.
On the other hand, most or all of the magnetic fields point in the same direction in the magnet.
The microscopic magnetic field is combined to produce a large magnetic field instead of offsetting each other.
The more domains with the same direction, the stronger the whole domain.
The magnetic field in each region extends from its north pole to the South Pole in the area ahead of it.
This explains why splitting the magnet in Two creates two magnets with smaller north and south poles.
This also explains why the opposite poles attract-
The field line leaves the north pole of a magnet and naturally enters the South Pole of another magnet, essentially producing a larger magnet.
Just as the poles are mutually exclusive, because their force lines move in the opposite direction, conflict with each other, not together.
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