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How long does it take to alien strong magnet made the fastest?

by:Newland     2020-03-21
Ricky magnet abnormity is our strong magnet card manufacturer's main purpose a magnet product class, often receive customer asked more questions that you do the magnet ( Profiled magnets) Need how long? My side to the more urgent. How long do the custom shaped magnets need? Special magnet is complicated, difficult in conventional magnets like regular ordinary powerful magnets ( Wafer square) Order: May 5 day, 7 days or so can be completed a number of small batch orders or mass production. High-performance complex shaped magnet order: in order to satisfy the customer demand, the use of high performance magnetic materials, usually around 12 to 20 days is normal. Used in the summary of the customer, the majority of customers are choose summary of N35 grade in the majority, can be used to N40 above even if good, if there is a material that has implications for the magnet manufacturer. Magnet of the properties required for the customer to see if there is material and plating is not regular, etc will affect the requirements of the customer delivery. The ndfeb magnetic tile samples (like customer R85*r70*30*70*15) After almost a month cycle of production, but the customer also understands. Dongguan Ricky magnet card manufacturers professional processing customized difficult heterotypic strong magnet ( Small round magnet fan type magnet chamfering strong magnetic magnet slot bump magnet) Such as irregular magnet, if you are looking for a special magnet processors, special-shaped strong magnet specific delivery, welcome to contact CARDS Ricky website online customer service. Related abnormity magnet articles; Alien magnet production process is introduced in huizhou customers finally have found we search high tenacity abnormity magnet
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