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How fast the choose and buy of ferrite beads?

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Wholesale quotation ferrite magnet, welcome to contact the dongguan Ricky magnet card factory. The advantages of ferrite here is not much, can see you don't know how to issue introduces the several advantages of ferrite permanent magnets ( Advantage) Introduction, mainly introduces how the choose and buy of accurate ferrite beads today, need to pay attention to? Before buying ferrite beads to make clear the purpose of the ferrite beads, such as the magnetic force does not need to be as strong ndfeb magnet, the resistance to infection, or used in motor, sensor induction effect and so on. Such as buying ferrite beads are used for power supply, or wire, transformer, to know the performance of the ferrite beads, such as inductance, the number of turns, also had better want to know the size of the ferrite beads. Buy ferrite beads used for speakers, for example, to know the size of the ferrite beads, performance, and whether you need the magnetization of delivery. Such as buying ferrite beads or sensors used in dc motor, want to know the circular magnetization, whether for a multipolar, tolerance, the requirements for the size of the magnetic force and so on. We provide the ferrite beads have sintered ferrite beads, injection ferrite beads, if you have any quotation, samples, consulting questions need, welcome to contact us. Browse more magnets information: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/news/
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