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How about the price of the magnet calculation _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
Ndfeb magnet price is the focus of each user. Each user wants at a low price to buy a suitable own ndfeb magnet products. For no requirements of users, the lower the price, the better. Generally such users is not very concerned about the quality of the product, cost reduction is the only concern. For users with product requirements, the price is not the only condition decided to cooperation. Quality occupies certain proportion. Because of the above factors, the same product specifications, the different manufacturer to quote us the price is not the same. For habits do have the manufacturer of quality requirements, is the price will be lower than the habit of low grade quality manufacturers part above. Investigate its reason is the high quality products with processing costs and increase the process flow. Below we to parse the ndfeb magnet price calculation formula. Ndfeb magnet price calculation formula = black piece price + mechanical processing fee + loss of electroplating processing fee + + freight + packing + taxes black piece price: ndfeb materials mechanical processing fee: blank out the number of finished products unit price including slice processing, punching processing, machining, cutting, grinding, etc. Electroplating processing fee: according to different specifications calculation of ndfeb magnet products surface area multiplied by the coefficient of processing. Loss: the loss of freight, in the process of from the manufacturer to the buyer's cost of packing: according to the packing of different manufacturers produce tax: seventeen percent VAT tax
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