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How about the minimum order quantity for OEM products?
It depends. In order to get you the best price, Newland Magnet Industry Co., Ltd. usually requires a minimum order amount. Minimum quantity will be determined once we receive your specifications. We welcome all OEM orders and can customize any type of neodymium magnet price to your specifications. If you need a custom product for you, the next thing to do is to contact our OEM department. Speak to an sales representative that will handle your custom OEM order.

As a well-known firm, Newland always focuses on neodymium magnets. Newland has created a number of successful series, and rare earth magnets is one of them. 100% attention is paid to its performance improvement. Owing to its water-proof capacity, it will not demagnetize after spraying by water. Newland has a perfect and strict quality control system. Coated with epoxy resin, it has resistance to chemical liquids.

we is a globally renowned brand in the field of exporting oil filter magnet. Get quote!
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