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How about the application prospect of permanent magnetic materials ?
It is still under research. Many permanent magnet manufacturers are carrying out R&D to develop new applications. This will take a certain period. The current application is relatively wide in the world. It enjoys high reputation among users. The application prospect is promising. The investment made by manufacturers and the feedback offered by purchasers and users will contribute to this.

Newland Magnet Industry Co., Ltd. is a dependable and trustworthy rare earth magnets supplier for several famous companies. Newland has created a number of successful series, and oil filter magnet is one of them. The R&D team of Newland rare earth magnets has spent time and energy into ensuring the best method for heat cancelation and improving both the intensity of the LED and its efficiency. Made of good magnetic materials, it has a strong magnetic force. Newland has introduced advanced management method of ISO9000. Owing to its water-proof capacity, it will not demagnetize after spraying by water.

The our company brand's goal is to be a leader in the permanent magnet brake field. Welcome to visit our factory!
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