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Home appliance field in permanent magnet brushless motor

by:Newland     2020-04-23
Air conditioner, washing machines, refrigerators, lampblack machine, vacuum cleaner and other home appliance field with micro &special motor accounted for about 15% of all sales of micro &special motor. Home appliance field is the earliest use of single-phase asynchronous motor, due to the low efficiency, low utilization rate of materials, adopts frequency control of motor speed asynchronous motor in the 90 s, with the development of permanent magnet brushless motor, now Japan more than 95% of the air conditioner using permanent magnet brushless dc motor, alternative asynchronous motor frequency control of motor speed. Air conditioning unit with motor in our country is in transition to a permanent magnet brushless motor, to attach great importance to energy saving and consumption reduction in China, and other 11th five-year plan & throughout; During the unit GDP energy consumption to reduce 20%, tough as carries on the inspection to various provinces and cities, it will promote and speed up the promotion and application of energy saving products. Under the same rated power and rated speed, set the volume and weight of the single-phase asynchronous motor is 100%, the volume of the permanent magnet brushless dc motor is 38%, the weight is 34. 8%, with copper content is 20. 9%, using iron content is 36. Efficiency of 5%, increase more than 10%. 2. One air conditioner fan with brushless dc motor (1) encapsulation structure of power: 25 w; Voltage: 40 VDC; Speed: 1350 r/min. (2) iron shell structure power: 180 w; Voltage: 300 VDC; Speed: 1100 r/min. (3) structure of biaxial stretching power: 120 w. Voltage: 24 VDC; Speed: 3000 r/min. 2. 2 direct drive washing machine with power brushless dc motor (BLDCM) : 90 ~ 110 w. Voltage: 220 vac. Speed: 30 ~ 850 r/min. 74 magnet ndfeb rare earth powerful magnets. 3 machine of the lampblack that take off with brushless motor power: 80 w. Voltage: 36 VDC; Speed: 1200 r/min. Iron shell structure. 2. A vacuum cleaner with brushless motor power: 300 w. Voltage: 30 VDC; Speed: 25000 r/min. Iron shell structure. 2. 5 air conditioner and refrigerator compressor with brushless motor with a compressor, the compressor with motor also USES permanent magnet brushless motor for the most part, and constantly improve, such as 1 kw stage compressor with brushless motor, and constantly improve, such as 1 kw stage compressor with brushless dc motor, it is 3 phase 4 24 slot distributed winding embedded magnetic steel rotor, now changed to split core, 3 phase 6 9 trough concentrated winding, embedded magnetic steel rotor, so as to further reduce the volume and weight, improve efficiency. In the fresh air of indoor purification device also use long life, high efficiency of mute type brushless dc motor. In a word, in the face of energy tension, environment pollution and greenhouse earth more and more serious, home appliance field in permanent magnet brushless motor market will expand, promising, will become electrical appliances with mainstream products.
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