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Hitachi development good temperature characteristics of automotive ferrite core material

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Hitachi metals company announced on April 11, 2016, developed under wide temperature range are showing low loss characteristics of vehicle with a soft ferrite core material 'ML29D', and established the production system. The material is expected to be used in automobile electronic equipments such as transformer and inductor component to achieve higher efficiency and reliability, and becomes smaller and lighter. Automotive electronic components will be near the engine room use, therefore automakers hope in a wider temperature range to improve the performance and reliability. Used at the transformer and inductor magnetic loss of the core material, the energy loss could be transformed into heat, causing the surrounding temperature rise, therefore, automobile manufacturers requirements developed under the environment of high temperature material core loss is low. Is the new development of ML29D manganese zinc ( Mn- 锌) Kind of ferrite materials, the ratio of Hitachi metals oneself development of powder technology and heat treatment technology. Compared with the previous product 'ML33D', core loss under 140 ℃ high temperature environment was reduced by 15% or more, saturation magnetic flux density increased by 20%, can be used in a variety of environment restrain power circuit power consumption and heat output. Curie temperature is 250 degrees. Has applied for a patent. Curie point is also called the Curie temperature or magnetic transition point, is refers to the material can change between the ferromagnetic and magnets, the temperature of the ferromagnetic ferromagnetic phase transition from the phase transition temperature ChengShun magnetic. Also can be said to be the secondary phase transition temperature. Below the Curie point temperature of the material become a ferromagnet, at this time and materials related to magnetic field is very difficult to change. When the temperature is higher than the Curie point temperature, the material become a paramagnetic material, magnets, magnetic field, it's easy to change with the change of the magnetic field around. Article Ricky xiaofu card sorting by the magnet manufacturer in the Internet. Recommended reading: the latest ferrite magnet main parameters and brand data table
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