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High temperature resistant plastic magnet installation method

by:Newland     2020-04-17
High temperature resistant plastic magnet installation method as a high temperature resistant plastic magnetic, used to working frequency is high frequency interference, and it can only play in the high frequency characteristics of the largest. It is applied to all kinds of wiring harness, household appliances, instruments and electronic equipment are indispensable electronic components, such as general there is interference is inseparable from it. Choose when if there is enough or allow installation space, try to choose large diameter, long length, inner hole small magnetic ring, but the inner diameter must and wiring harness tiejin, so as to play its biggest effect of impedance. If the diameter is too big or with wiring harness is too loose, it will appear the phenomenon such as magnetic flux leakage. Tip: use the sucker electromagnet note: sucker electromagnet in the condition of electricity can produce strong adsorbability, install it can be adsorbed on the object in the automation equipment stop or move action. Can be widely used in distribution automation production line, sorting machine, manipulator, test equipment, medical equipment, milling, cutting and other automated processing production line material or product transfer, transmission, control, save electricity saving, safe and reliable, and can be operated remotely. Use note: a. By adsorption on surfaces shall be as smooth as possible. 2. Adsorb objects cannot be less than the electromagnet suction surface area. Magnet, powerful magnets, special-shaped magnets, magnet manufacturer,
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