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high school entrepreneurs face off at u of m

by:Newland     2019-10-21
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 23/7/2018 (370 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
It\'s 7: 30 in the morning. May 25.
The students have been planning the day for two or three months.
The car pulls up one-by-
One on Friedman\'s New Moon
Some of them come from Bertel, portachilla prairie, and Neville.
Most of them are from Winnipeg.
A group of high school students took out crates and bags from their car suitcases and dragged the debris into the Drake Center at the University of Manitoba.
They climbed two stairs to the third floor with their equipment.
Some people turn right and they assemble trade exhibition booths there, many of which are customized
Wooden frame, gorgeous counter, pop music
Ups and table tennis players.
A girl in a white top, black skirt and high heels leaned against the stairwell railing and recited the text from her notebook, focused and intense.
A young man immediately left the stairs and adjusted his friend\'s tie.
There is also a group of students sitting in a chaotic circle, listening, organizing and finalizing.
The curve of the corridor, which shows three tables, the students gesture with passion and immerse themselves in the animated conversation.
They don\'t look like traditional high school students.
Boys in dress shirts, ties and leather shoes, some sports suits;
Professional girls-
Skirts, shirts, dresses and occasional jackets.
Looks professional.
They gathered at the University of Manitoba\'s Stu Clark Center for the annual Manitoba High School startup championship to compete for the top prize for a $2,000 scholarship in the business planning competition, compete for a $500 cash prize in the stadium, logo and trade show competition.
It\'s not getting more real life or nerves
More trouble than this show.
Planned for a month or two.
Amy Brisco of The Stu Clark startup center organized the event, \"encouraging high school students to engage with business, new businesses and investment opportunities in a critical and creative way. . .
And like-Students with ideas
\"About 100 students from 22 schools present, market, interpret and sell products and services to 22 business professionals who judge winners in four categories.
When the dust settles, the most prestigious category-the business plan is St.
Beyond VR of Paul High School is an online public speaking project with VR function.
Nelson McIntyre College won second place
Crafted laminated hardwood hearts and Manitoba shapes embedded in rare earth magnets can remove or capture small metal objects.
Third place is Belle Visage from Portage la Prairie College
Natural coconut oil and baking soda moisturizer.
Darren fast, director of technology transfer and judge of business planning at the University of Manitoba, said the event gave students the opportunity to \"practice real-world skills --
Sell ideas, develop prototypes, make sales and make tough choices with limited resources.
Nelson McIntyre College also won second place in the trade show competition.
For more information, Google\'s \"Manitoba High School startup champion \".
Adriano Magnifico is a community reporter for St. Boniface.
You can contact him at amagnif @ mymts.
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