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High quality 775 motor magnetic tile ( Parameter picture price suppliers) _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
High quality 775 motor magnetic tile ( Parameter picture price suppliers) Online to find the magnetic tile production factory, ferrite magnetic tile large size suppliers, permanent magnet dc motor magnetic tile, recommend ndfeb magnet manufacturers, specifications, stable quality, welcome new and old customers to the consultation! Our company ferrite magnetic tile are: 130, 180, 280, 360, 380, 390, 540, 550, 750, 770 series! Density: 4. Hardness: 40 - Curie temperature: 45-450 460 ℃ maximum working temperature: 250 & deg; Coating thickness: 5 - This company produces the 30 775 motor magnetic tile can be applied to the following dc motor; Auto motor: can be used for starting motor, wiper motor, glass elevator, warm wind motor, condensation and evaporation, motor, automatic antenna, with the door motor, seat motor motorcycle: can be used for motorcycles starting motor, magneto frequency control of motor speed, can be used for frequency conversion air conditioning fan, frequency conversion refrigerator compressor, automatic washing machine motor and used in industrial automation control of brushless frequency conversion speed regulating motor home appliances: wide can be used in fitness equipment motor, fan motor, electric toy motor, running mechanical and electrical machine, kitchen waste processor. Our company is the production of various specifications of the magnetic tile, mainly used in micro-motor, electric tools, such as motor magnetic tile! In the Yangtze river delta region has a lot of micromotor customers! Ferrite magnetic tile factory direct sale, welcome to call contact us quotation, for the sample!
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