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high-power magnets get temporary reprieve from safety rules

by:Newland     2019-11-17
The Federal Court of Appeals has temporarily suspended new security regulations.
Power magnets, a setback for federal regulators who have been working for years to bring these products to market.
For the last manufacturer, the ruling was suspended.
The ruling will prevent the Consumer Product Safety Commission from implementing new regulations on the magnet that is now popular.
Pirates who no longer exist
After a child died from swallowing a toy, supervision began.
Qu Shihan, founder of Zen magnet, brought the Committee to court to crack down on the ban.
The judge\'s order issued on Wednesday did not specify the reasons for approving the stay. Mr.
Qu sent an email announcing the ruling on Friday.
\"In fact, in the short term, this has not changed much for us ,\"Qu said.
\"But it says a lot in the long run. ”Fighting high-
Power magnets are the most aggressive activity for security agencies in years.
These toys contain magnets that are stronger than ordinary toys and are usually sold in the form of a suit.
Consumers can stick them together to make products of various shapes, which are mainly sold in the form of adult desktop toys.
But the Consumer Product Safety Board is shocked by reports that children are swallowing magnets that may connect to each other through the intestines and cause internal damage.
Citing data from the National Electronic Injury Monitoring System, the committee said that the injury had sent 2,900 children and adolescents to the hospital from 2009 to 2013, the agency\'s self-network
Report products.
At least one child died.
The agency urged manufacturers to voluntarily recall, but the manufacturer refused until the struggle with the commission became too expensive.
The manufacturer of Buckyballs, Maxfield & Oberton, has refused to recall for many years until it finally surrendered.
In the end, all magnet manufacturers except Mr stopped production
Qu is still selling some magnets online.
In another lawsuit, the agency is still trying to force
The song was recalled.
Magnet manufacturers believe that many products can be dangerous if used improperly.
Boss, Sir.
Qu and others believe that there should be a balance with serious security issues.
The agency subsequently
Power magnets that require them to be either not too strong or too big to swallow for the child.
Until the final decision is issued by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, the agency will not be able to enforce these rules.
The agency must respond by April 14.
Elliot F, chairman of the agency, in a statement
Kay said, \"We will always be considerate and good for us.
Reasonable supervision.
He said he wanted the court to insist that \"the committee exercise its power properly and quickly agree that the safety of children is the first . \".
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