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High-end ndfeb magnet requirements will be hard to replace

by:Newland     2020-05-06
High-end ndfeb magnet production capacity growth lags behind that of the downstream demand growth, domestic enterprises will continue to benefit from. Global supply focused on domestic high-end ndfeb magnet zhongke three-ring and magnets are sea, ningbo etc. Several enterprises and foreign Hitachi metals, VCA four companies, such as capacity expansion cycle requires 2 years or so, from the current companies capacity expansion plan to see annual growth of about 10%, lower than the demand side by an average of 13 - The growth rate of 15%. Ndfeb magnets are alternative in demand side, there are two possibilities, one is replaced by more superior performance magnetic materials, such as the fourth generation of rare earth permanent magnet materials, rare earth iron nitrogen body; 2 it is due to the price reason, replaced by some of the performance is a bit poor material, such as ferrite magnet or samarium cobalt magnet. One possibility, from the performance perspective, given that the fourth generation of rare earth permanent magnet materials formed mature technology to the practical need for decades, at least in the short term is difficult to appear more superior performance of magnetic materials. A second possibility, from the point of view, the ratio of samarium cobalt magnet, ferrite magnet is likely to be in the field of low-end partly replace or even completely instead of ndfeb magnets, and in the field of high-end, summary of rigid demand and emerging demand will be hard to replace. Therefore, in the field of high-end application growth is the decisive factor of the development of ndfeb industry in the future, alternative low-end applications may hinder the rapid development of the industry as a whole ndfeb magnets. Different performance levels of ndfeb magnet series is suitable for different applications. According to the definition in China 2006 'high-tech products directory, high-performance nd-fe-b materials mainly refers to quick-setting jilt brought into legal system, the intrinsic coercive force Hcj ( kOe) And the maximum magnetic energy product ( BH) max( MGOe) The sum is greater than 60 of sintered ndfeb permanent magnet materials; Enterprises in the market, however, is often not in accordance with the standards of this distinction between high performance and low ndfeb magnets, but according to the difference of downstream products division, in a nutshell, high performance ndfeb magnet is mainly refers to the application in high technical barriers in the field of all kinds of motor, compressor, sensor of ndfeb, including permanent magnet motor, EPS, wind power, frequency conversion electrical appliances, energy-saving motor, advanced audio-visual equipment, etc. In recent years, with the development of new energy vehicles, new energy automobile motor magnets demand also become an important market high-end ndfeb magnets.
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