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here’s the new luxury hoverboard you didn’t know you needed

by:Newland     2019-09-26
\"Back to the Future 2\" is set in October 2015, but the future comes earlier because of the Lexus hovercraft.
There was an allusion for a long time.
The technology of waiting, even a false introduction to hovercraft, is true this time.
As part of its \"amazing sport\" video series, luxury car companies are showcasing the first real, driving suspended skateboards.
The video shows a skateboarding player from his old
In the future, old-fashioned wheel driving is more conducive to innovation.
The board was clearly hovering, but the boarder did not actually step on it.
So when we see super
Looks cool smoke coming out of the board
Keep it liquid nitrogen high
We don\'t actually see a super cool copy of Marty McPhee.
According to the website, \"Lexus hovercraft has achieved an amazing frictionless movement using Maglev.
The magnet cooled by liquid nitrogen is combined with the permanent magnet, allowing Lexus to create something impossible.
The boards are made of carbon fiber and wood.
According to Lexus, new images and videos are released every week and we can all watch the development at LexusHover.
This is obviously the luxury car of the future.
The future is now. 11 drive-
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