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health effect of magnets

by:Newland     2019-10-07
It has been shown that some cells and tissues in the human body emit pulses. (ref 1)
Thus, proponents assume that the flow of pulses breaks when cells and tissues are unhealthy, resulting in various diseases of the body.
Because magnets interact with other magnetic fields, including those embedded in the body, supporters believe that they may also help restore the steady state of the affected magnetic field.
Consumers typically sell static magnets with permanent magnetic fields.
The main research of magnetic therapy focuses on frequent
The market claims that magnets are effective as painkillers and can reverse some diseases.
Use a variety of magnets and therapies to provide treatment for migraine, fractures, improved blood flow, reversal of disease, and cancer treatment.
The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reported that although some patients reported pain relief, no magnet of any kind was ultimately shown to relieve the pain.
In clinical trials, the electrotherapy study produced better results in pain relief than the static magnetic therapy.
Under medical supervision, electromagnetic therapy shows hope in promoting fracture healing and reducing certain pain.
Magnetic treatment of CancerIn 1970, research by Dr.
Albert Roy Davis revealed that positive and negative magnetic fields have different effects on the biological system of the body.
According to this phenomenon, his statement is that it can kill cancer cells in animals, cure infertility, arthritis pain, glaucoma and improve other medical conditions.
So far, magnetic therapy has not been shown to be an effective anti-cancer treatment.
Attracted by the marketing literature, manufacturers claim that consumers mainly buy magnets as self-
Treatment through the Internet, no need to consult a doctor first.
It is important to note that the manufacturer must be approved by the FDA before a claim can be made regarding the ability of the device to treat the disease, which includes magnets.
Some false claims include the promotion of magnetic treatment equipment for diseases such as cancer, viruses, parasites and bacterial infections, obesity, heart disease, burns and severe wounds.
The Food and Drug Administration has warned consumers that static magnetic therapy may have unknown side effects on some people.
Therefore, pregnant women and people who use medical devices such as pacemakers, vibrators or insulin pumps should be careful not to use them, and those who use patches that deliver drugs through the skin.
It is recommended that you consult a doctor before attempting any type of alternative therapy.
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