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Health care function mechanism of the high-strength magnetic ndfeb wang

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Ndfeb is the national 863 project plan high-tech materials, belong to high-end rare earth materials, in medical treatment, ndfeb performance because of its high magnetic field is widely used in medical field of magnetic therapy and health protection, medical imaging and benefit the livelihood of the people. High-strength magnetic king - Ndfeb strong magnet of the third generation of ndfeb strong magnet - Fe- B, the magnetic field strength is more than ten times the service life of the ordinary magnet is as high as more than a decade, magnetic energy product of human society have found so far, has been hailed as a 'magnetic king' is widely used in national defense, space technology, microwave, communications, electronics, health care and other high-tech fields. Ndfeb strong magnet magnetic therapy effect in the body of water molecules bond Angle and length of the deformation at the same time, the water through the ndfeb strong magnet: high-strength magnetized, a series of changes in the chemical and physical properties of water, water activity and solubility is greatly increased. In addition to the degree of polymerization to improve water, dissolved solids to become finer particles, particles after refinement, the distance between two ion is small, not easy condensation in the blood vessel walls, thereby helping to clean blood vessels. Ndfeb strong magnet, high-strength magnetized water can change the surface tension, density, solvent, such as physical properties, chemical properties have a significant impact on ph, etc, magnetized water can increase the activity of enzyme in water and biological membrane permeability, regulate the body's microcirculation system, digestive system, endocrine system and nervous function, improve human immunity, prevention and treatment of many diseases. After high-strength magnetized water in the cells, water molecules is activated, the high oxygen content, thus strengthening the vitality of cells, let the body imperceptibly slowly to recover. The health protection articles; Introduction to powerful magnet therapy ( Magnetic therapy) role
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