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gunvault biometric gun safe: are we ready for high-tech, fingerprint access lock boxes?

by:Newland     2019-10-02
Slightly] Illustrations
Let me admit in the beginning that I may not be smart enough to appreciate the \"smart\" technology.
Over the past few years, I \'ve been watching a variety of \"smart guns\" concepts turn into vaporizers.
Remember that executive? He held a press conference to show off his company\'s new \"iGun\" and he couldn\'t get it to shoot when he wanted it.
The only effective \"smart gun\" is MagnaTrigger (www. tarnhelm. com).
Simple combination of mechanical and magnetic, it works well on Smith and Wesson revolver.
When you start using electronic devices, these concepts begin to go downhill.
GunVault now has a fast range of biometrics
Enter the gun box.
They sent the test for a small GVB1000 that retails for $325. 95.
The weight of the unit is about 9 pounds and the measurement is 8. 1\"x4. 9\"x12\".
The steel structure is solid and there is even a \"gift lamp\" inside \".
It comes with screws that can be attached to the floor in the bedroom, car or anywhere. A plug-
Comes with an inAC adapter.
The instructions are easy to understand.
You \"register\" your fingerprint in the device, which is right-
Hande applied.
For operation, when the adjacent button is pressed by your middle finger, the cushion of your index finger enters the entrance.
Shortly thereafter, the door suddenly opened, allowing access to anything inside. How Fast?
How long thereafter? Well . . .
Taking turns watching with a stopwatch, we found that the device worked very well for me.
From the touch of the finger to the sudden opening of the door, the average is only more than two seconds. A time of 1.
Record 76 seconds, at the high end, number 2.
36 people came to the ground more than once.
What exactly does this mean? electronically-
End users can\'t tell you.
The document says that \"validation time\" should be about.
8 seconds, but I didn\'t open it that fast.
When I tried to turn on the device repeatedly in a quick order, I had a bad start with the device.
After a while, the opening ceremony began.
The factory advised it would take 10 to 15 seconds for the machine to restart
Set between entries. Fair enough.
In the real world, you will only open it once.
The other Tester is not as happy as I am.
It didn\'t open the door for her for about 30% of the time.
However, she quickly noticed, \"I used the biometric PYXIS drug distribution cabinet when I was working in the hospital.
They often don\'t work for me.
The technicians told us that they just don\'t work for some people.
When I print fingerprints electronically for my hidden carry license and care license, two different electronic fingerprint readers are unable to read me.
\"What is biometric seems to be something that is\" biometric \", not something that is a\" gun vault.
I called GunVault and talked to ChrisStrautmann, who told me that there seemed to be very few people with uneven biometrics.
\"It is particularly important to make sure there is no lotion or something like that on your hands,\" he said . \".
On the popular Internet gun Forum, the shooting line (www. thefiringline. com)
In the topic being discussed in the GunVault Bio series, a contributor, Glenn Fishbine, posted the following.
\"Before I decided to get a real job, I had a dozen biometric patents and worked in the field for ten years.
Biometrics is very effective for 80% of the population.
Before you invest in biometric technology, find out your proportion first.
If you use it in a gun safe, register two fingers, one each, to avoid paper cutting, gardening and hand sanitizer, and not sweat.
\"I began to trust the old guns.
After a year, I bought one for my child when I grew up. They use push-
The button combinations are open and I find them beautiful.
Like the new Bio 1000, they have battery power and the final backup type is a manual lock if the battery is dead.
The tubular key is short and convenient, and its small bolt can be easily indexed by your fingers to match the its three o\'clock position on the key track.
If I\'m going to use Bio GunVault, I\'ll put the key together with my house key or any key ring I \'ve been on my people.
It\'s already in my left hand index and I took 1. 0 to2.
Turn things on for 2 seconds, average less than 2 seconds.
However, when the lights are on and looking at what I am doing, my hands are shaking in fear as well.
In the dark, I\'m sure biomedical operations will be faster.
My focus on this biometric technology is the same as the fingerprint identification technology applied to \"smart guns.
\"When your hand is covered with blood or something like that, you can\'t expect it to work.
Obstacles and old traditionalism.
People tend to be very conservative when it comes to life and death.
See how long it took police in the country to embrace these automatic pistols.
I suspect that devices like biometric GunVaultwill must overcome similar obstacles in buying mass collective thinking.
I\'ll keep this thing for a while and do more testing, but I\'m not ready to put the only gun I can get in there yet.
You can imagine that the lady who took the test might not buy one.
For an armed citizen who had to leave his belongings with him in the car and travel to the Post Office and other places, Bio 1000 would certainly save a lot of manual operation.
However, I suggest a larger model than 1000.
I only have hands of average size, but I have to get a full hand with my fingertipssizeGlock or J-
Out-of-the-box frame S & W.
If I take a complete drawing with a shooter, the box (
No problems encountered in the test)
I want to bring it with me and my knuckles are a bit worn out.
Someone as big as Bill Jordan may need a pair of pliers to get the gun out.
The fingerprint recognition technology of \"smart gun\" is still a vaporizer.
The same sortis \"smart gun box\" technology as the Bio series.
This juror is still in judgment, but if you are 21 century more than me (
Many people are), checkone out.
Battery 2, St. Bernardino 216, CA 94208 (800)242-1055, WWW. GUNVAULT.
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